Tell Your Story

OAMF regularly meets with legislators about protecting rights to medical freedom. Statistics and studies are important, but these politicians need to hear real stories from people in Ohio whose lives have been impacted by vaccine and other injuries.

Please share your story using these Word templates. Just click the parts of the document as directed and input your information. You can write a brief explanation of what happened and how it affected you in the table. At the bottom is space for up to two pictures, preferably before and after, but you may include one or even none if you want.

Be sure to check the release box at the bottom, then save the document and send it to us at
We also have PDF templates that can be printed out – you can hand-write your story, add pictures if desired, and email it to us.

Please note that OAMF will print and share these documents with Ohio legislators.

Our Vaccination Story (Word Template with picture boxes)

Our Vaccination Story (PDF to print and handwrite a  story with boxes for pictures)

In My Own Words (PDF to handwrite your story, no picture boxes, with complete contact information)

In My Own Words (Word document to print and handwrite your story, no picture boxes, with complete contact information)

Don’t want to use our template?

Then please share your 1-page story with OAMF by faxing or emailing it to us. We’ll share it with state and national legislators!

Report Medical Freedom Violations

Please contact us via the methods below if you are being discriminated against or experiencing bullying or harassment regarding your or your child’s vaccination status OR if you are being told your child may not attend public school without receiving “required vaccines.”

Legislators need to know that these situations are really happening in Ohio and to the constituents in their districts.

Contact Information:


Phone: 330-768-7183

Fax: 1-330-230-9800