Elected Official & Candidate Accountability Portal

To submit an accountability report, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

What is the Accountability Portal?

What makes OAMF effective is holding elected officials accountable and holding candidates to their word once elected. We have had success identifying, surveying, and corresponding with candidates leading up to elections in an effort to get them “on the record” regarding health freedom issues.

Do elected officials and candidates actually respond?

These people work for YOU! It is their job to meet with you, take your calls and emails, to thoughtfully absorb your questions and concerns, and represent YOUR vision for Ohio when drafting and voting on legislation. In the 2018 election campaign, OAMF volunteers reached out to 300+ incumbents and candidates for the 2018 Ohio House and Senate elections. We received feedback from 103 candidates, 77 of whom we’re pleased to report meet the prerequisites for being “OAMF Verified Candidates”. OAMF believes that there were at least several Verified Candidates who benefited from our grassroots efforts. Check out our 2018 Voter Guide.

How can I help in this effort?

It’s simple. Start by taking a few minutes to call or email YOUR elected officials:

  • Briefly introduce yourself, eg: “My name is (Jane Smith), I am a working mom of three children, and I live in (Some City), Ohio.”
  • Provide a brief story if applicable, eg: “I vaccinated my oldest child on schedule and (s)he suffered from (Some Vaccine Inquiry).”, or “I have chosen not to vaccinate my child(ren) and our pediatrician dismissed us. Because we live in a small town, we are left without a pediatrician for my child(ren)s other healthcare needs.”
  • Explain why you’re calling, eg: “I am exploring my choices for the next election, and I wanted to know your stance on health freedom.”, or “I take my personal medical decisions seriously and want assured that you respect my right to make those decisions on my own with my physician.”
  • Ask the loaded question: “Do you support the right of an individual to make medical decisions for themselves and their children, including vaccination?”

Some elected officials and candidates will not even acknowledge receipt of your call or email. Some will converse with you and not really provide a concise response, deflecting from your questions – they don’t want to be locked in with a specific position on the issues. Some will come right out and say they support restrictions on medical freedoms. Some will stand up in support of Ohioans directing their own health decisions without interference form the government, employers, schools, etc. The important thing is that you’re starting the conversation. You/we can always follow up later with additional questions or clarifications.

What if the elected official or candidate provides a specific personal statement on medical freedom?

Sometimes an elected official or candidate will provide a specific personal statement regarding their position on health freedom (eg: “I believe that all Ohioans should determine what’s best for themselves and their children, including whether to vaccinate or not.”, or “I believe that maintaining good community health is of prime importance and support mandated vaccination.”). If they provided such a statement, thank them for providing their specific stance on the issue, and document their statement (screenshot if an email or social media message, scan if something in writing via the mail, etc), and submit a accountability report as explained below.

How do I document / submit the results of my conversations with elected officials or candidates?

After you’ve received a response from an elected official or candidate, please submit an accountability report through this online portal. Please submit complete information, including any screenshots of email or social media correspondence, or scanned copies of any written correspondence through traditional mail. Please submit a new report each time your correspondence with an elected official or candidate progresses so that we may remain abreast of the results of that effort.

How do I find my elected officials or candidates?

Right now we’re only offering a way to submit reports on elected Ohio Congressional and Ohio General Assembly officials, as well as the Governors office. We will be adding other elected officials, as well as election candidates in the future. For now, here’s how you can find the legislators who represent you!