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Daycare, Preschool, & School Violations

If you are being told by your child’s daycare, preschool, or school that he or she cannot attend classes without receiving “required vaccines”, in Ohio, you are likely protected by legislation that ensures you, as the parent, have the right to chose or refuse to have any or all vaccinations administered to your child. Please read more about your rights in daycares, preschools, and schools.

As a college or university student, if you are or have experienced discrimination, bullying, or harassment by your college or university regarding your vaccination status, please read more about your college and university student rights.

Please contact us if you’ve experienced harassment in this manner, proper authorities need to be aware of these situations so that we can preserve the medical freedoms Ohio law already provides!

Employer Violations

In Ohio, from a legal perspective, the subject of employer mandated vaccinations is a big grey area at best. However, you do have certain rights.

If you are or have experienced discrimination, bullying, or harassment by your employer regarding your vaccination status, please contact us so we may assist you in reporting the incident to the appropriate governmental bodies, and refer you to legal assistance if applicable.

This is precisely why we’re currently pressuring Ohio legislators to pass legislation regarding employee medical freedom. Our politicians need to know that these situations are really happening in Ohio and to the constituents in their districts, so please contact us immediately!

Custody Disputes

Recent legal battles between separated and divorced parents have increasingly involved disputes over immunizing their children. A unique problem arises when divorced parents who share legal custody disagree about whether their children should not be immunized due to religious or other reasons.

When it comes to family court proceedings, the well-being of the children involved is almost universally placed above all else in child custody disputes.

If you have questions regarding your child custody case, divorce, or any other family law matters as related to vaccination status, please contact us so that we can connect you with a legal expert who can assist you in your specific case.


Tell Your Story

OAMF regularly meets with legislators about protecting rights to medical freedom. Statistics and studies are important, but these politicians need to hear real stories from people in Ohio whose lives have been impacted by vaccine-related injuries and death.

With heavy lobbying from big pharma, it’s often difficult to reach legislators in a way that will affect change. Your story can do just that – affect change.

If you have been affected by vaccine-related harassment, vaccine injury, or a death related to vaccines, we’d like to hear your story. You are important! Your story is important! And you having a voice is important!


Legislative Action

OAMF is working hard to reach legislators about protecting our rights to medical freedom. But the most effective method for gaining their attention is you.

Letters and e-mails can be particularly effective in influencing legislators’ views. Writing to legislators also offers an opportunity to maintain contact and keep your issues on the front burner even when you cannot meet personally.

We could use your help! Contacting your representatives is a great first step! Also, here’s some resources for legislative action.


Letter to Your Editor

Letters to the editor are great advocacy tools. After you write letters to your members of Congress, sending letters to the editor can achieve other advocacy goals.

The “Letter to the Editor” section is one of the most widely read parts of most newspapers, offering a chance to reach a broad audience. Letters to the editor can provide readers with information and insights on issues with which they may be unfamiliar, and can also inspire readers to take action.

Help advance the medical freedom cause by writing a letter to your own editor.


How is it going to happen?

  • Training: The only way we can win is to know how to win and oppose those who would take away our fundamental medical freedom. We will educate and support activists on how to make Ohio a state that champions Medical Freedom and Informed Consent.
  • Grassroots Action: By mobilizing voters and volunteers, we let our legislators know how important the right to medical freedom is and we oppose those who would take away that freedom. Growing the Ohio Medical Freedom movement starts with fighting on issues that really matter to connect the law-making season to the voting season.
  • Timely Information: OAMF will provide action alerts through social and other media to ensure our activists are up-to-date on issues affecting medical freedom.