Ohio House Bill 564

Ohio House Bill 564 died in the House Health and Aging Committee on December 31, 2016. Please keep tabs on our website and social media for further updates on similar future legislation. Meanwhile, please consider making a small donation to help us continue what we do!

Parents Call The Shots! Keep Ohio’s Vaccination Exemptions Intact!While Ohio still has the three exemptions, legislation was introduced by Rep. Dan Ramos that would eliminate exemptions for reasons of conscience and require medical “education” for any exemption.

Help us keep this bill from proceeding any further! Sign our online petition today: http://www.rightvoice.org/ohiofreedom/oamfpetitionhb564

Or print, complete, sign, and fax/email this letter to OAMF. We’ll get it to all the right people, including your local representatives!

HB 564 Action Letter-7-25-16 (PDF)

HB 564 Action Letter-7-25-16 (Word)

No Shots, No School…
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Ohio still has medical, religious, and philosophical (reasons of conscience) exemptions.
Find your exemption paperwork here: www.ohioamf.org/exemption-form
Know the Facts, Know Your Rights, KNOW THE LAW!
(Ohio Revised Code 3313.671 Proof of required immunizations – exceptions)

No Shots, No School... NOT TRUE!