Ohio House Bill 512

Ohio House Bill 512 died in the House Government Accountability and Oversight on December 31, 2018. Please keep tabs on our website and social media for further updates on similar future legislation. Meanwhile, please consider making a small donation to help us continue what we do!

Elimination of Elected Representation

Stripping the state board of all legislative power and handing it over to an appointed committee.

Creation of Conveyor Belt Education

Placing your children, regardless of school choice, on the Governor’s “crib to career” conveyor belt, molding them to future workforce needs.

Formation of One Mega-Bureaucracy Controlling Education

Mega-agency controlling educational standards and Governor appointed head calling the shots

Let’s look at Ohio HB512 in a little more detail:

Ohio House Bill 512 is an attempt to massively “restructure education agencies and their duties.” It would “establish the Department of Learning and Achievement; to abolish the Department of Higher Education, the position of the Chancellor of Higher Education, and the Ohio Board of Regents; to transfer, with exceptions, the duties regarding the administration of primary and secondary education programs and all duties regarding the administration of higher education programs to the Department of Learning and Achievement; and to prescribe certain duties regarding educator licensure, community school sponsorship, and other education programs for the State Board of Education, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Department of Education.”

Bill sponsor, Rep. Bill Reineke called it a “bill is about a lifetime of learning – crib to career – birth to work.”

OAMF gave opponent testimony in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee on March 7, 2018.

HSLDA made an excellent script to help you if you are a homeschooling parent contacting legislators about the bill:

“As a homeschooling parent I prefer the rules related to home education managed by an agency that is supervised by elected officials. The rules process followed by the state school board has provided sufficient opportunity for me as a homeschooling parent to have input and influence over the process. This has worked well for the last 30 years and I oppose making changes to the process as HB 512 does. A transparent and deliberate process that allows time for ample public comment and consideration provides the kind of approach needed when considering policy changes. This would not happen under HB 512 where unelected and appointed officials would have too much control over important decisions about my child’s education.”

Call the committee and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 512:

  • Chairman Louis Blessing III – (Co-Sponsor of HB 512) (614) 466-9091 rep29@ohiohouse.gov
  • Vice – Chairman Bill Reineke (Sponsor of HB 512) – (614) 466-1374 rep88@ohiohouse.gov
  • Kathleen Clyde (Running for State Office) – (614) 466-2004 rep75@ohiohouse.gov
  • Riordan McClain (replacing Keith Faber 2/22) – (614) 644-6265 rep87@ohiohouse.gov
  • Timothy Ginter – (614) 466-8022 rep5@ohiohouse.gov
  • Dave Greenspan – (614) 466-0961 rep16@ohiohouse.gov
  • Brigid Kelly – (614) 466-5786 rep31@ohiohouse.gov
  • Bernadine Kennedy Kent – (614) 466-5343 rep25@ohiohouse.gov
  • P. Scott Lipps – (614) 644-6023 rep62@ohiohouse.gov
  • Dorothy Pelanda (Co-Sponsor of HB 512) – (614) 466-8147 rep86@ohiohouse.gov
  • Bill Sietz – (614) 466-8258 rep30@ohiohouse.gov
  • Ryan Smith (Running for House Speaker) – (614) 466-1366 rep93@ohiohouse.gov
  • Martin J. Sweeney – (614) 466-3350 rep14@ohiohouse.gov