For Legislators

Vaccine Studies

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom, while passionate and emotional about the topic of vaccine-related injury and death, as well as protecting individual’s right to maintain autonomy over the medical interventions for their own bodies and the bodies of their loved ones, will work hard to demonstrate to Ohio legislators that there is a legitimate concern for both vaccine safety and vaccine efficacy, utilizing the latest clinical and epidemiological studies.

The OAMF team is working hard to gather this information and share it publicly here on our website.

Vaccine Facts

In the past decade, there have been many advances in the understanding of genetics, epigenetics, and the immune system; the neurotoxicity of aluminum adjuvants; the biological mechanism of thimerosal toxicity; common medicines that impair mitochondria and suppress the immune system, but this science is not incorporated into current vaccine design, schedules, or policies.

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom is working hard to gather the latest vaccine facts to share with Ohio legislators and will share them as they become available.