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Latest Update on HB 193

On September 19, 2017, Speaker Cliff Rosenberger acted against the informed consent rights of employees by referring Ohio House Bill 193 to the Health Committee for further discussion a week after it passed the Economic, Development, Commerce and Labor Committee with a favorable 8 to 5 vote.

Speaker Rosenberger said that over two and half years of consideration was not sufficient time to pass Ohio House Bill 193, which would protect employees from being penalized by their employer for declining the influenza vaccine. He sided with his industry sponsors, ignoring the crucial fact that this bill focuses on employee’s rights to informed consent and referred it to the Health Committee, chaired byRepresentative Stephen Huffman.

Representative Huffman is a physician from Tipp City, who has received $47,068 thousand dollars from the health industry, as evident in the graph from FollowTheMoney.org. He also served on the Board of Directors for Premier Physician Services. Thus, it is concerning that his background and associations may pose a potential conflict of interest, especially considering the fact that the Ohio Hospital Association opposes Ohio House Bill 193.

Therefore, in order to get this bill passed, it is imperative to focus on contacting the Health Committee and continue to express frustration with Speaker Rosenberger for stalling Ohio House Bill 193, which has had plenty of time and opportunity for the opposition to get its collective act together.

Your voice and efforts are crucial to passing Ohio House Bill 193. Please act now because this issue does not end here. The influenza vaccine requirement has already infiltrated to those who have zero patient interaction, such as contractors and general staff.  It is imperative to protect Ohio employee’s rights to informed consent!

Some ideas for aiding the passage of HB 193:

  1. Get your testimony ready!
  2. Contact the committee members via phone and/or email on a daily basis until you have reached out to the entire list of representatives and then repeat. Try to follow up phone calls with emails.
  3. Handwritten letters work even better.
  4. Email one study, report or article regarding flu shot risks with your comments and support of HB 193 to the entire committee every day.
  5. Contact House and Senate Leadership and let them know you want HB 193 heard in the Health Committee and why you support the bill.
  6. Contact your legislators, even if your representative is not on the Health Committee. Let them know how you feel about HB 193. Arrange a meeting and an OAMF member can attend if needed. Please click on the link below for legislator’s contact information:https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legisl…/find-my-legislato
  7. Do not give up! Every effort counts. Every call and email matters.

Thank you for your continuous efforts and support regarding this important matter that affects us all.

Email the Health Committee now! (Note: may not work with all email programs. You can copy/paste the addresses below.)

rep80@ohiohouse.gov, rep02@ohiohouse.gov, rep13@ohiohouse.gov, rep42@ohiohouse.gov, rep12@ohiohouse.gov, rep41@ohiohouse.gov, rep21@ohiohouse.gov, rep94@ohiohouse.gov, rep05@ohiohouse.gov, rep90@ohiohouse.gov, rep53@ohiohouse.gov, rep25@ohiohouse.gov, rep70@ohiohouse.gov, rep76@ohiohouse.gov, rep58@ohiohouse.gov, rep47@ohiohouse.gov, rep02@ohiohouse.gov, rep49@ohiohouse.gov

Military Families Sue Pharmaceutical Companies for Allegedly Funding Anti-US Militia in Iraq

On October 17, 2017, the families of dozens of U.S. troops filed a federal lawsuit against several pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, alleging that the corporations knowingly bribed and paid kickbacks to officials in Iraq’s Ministry of Health, which helped fund the Mahdi Army that carried out attacks against American troops.

According to a report in USA Today, the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. against several U.S. and European industry giants, including GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Roche Holdings.
USA Today reported that the Western companies allegedly looked to break into the Iraqi market by paying kickbacks billed as “commissions” or “free goods” to corrupt officials in the Ministry of Health through their local agents, which in turn aided and abetted the Mahdi militants who were responsible for the injuries and deaths of American troops.

The report further stated that, “In the aftermath of the 2003 invasion, Iraq’s health care spending surged, and the Health Ministry’s budget ballooned from $16 million during Saddam Hussein’s final year in power to about $1 billion in 2004.”


Flu Vaccine Fails to Protect Young Leukemia Patients

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital published a study on October 16, 2017, in the Journal of Pediatrics, which found that young leukemia patients vaccinated against influenza were just as likely as their unvaccinated peers to contract the flu.

According to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital article, “The retrospective study looked at rates of flu infection during three successive flu seasons in 498 St. Jude patients being treated for acute leukemia. Researchers found the 354 patients who received flu shots, including 98 who received booster doses, and the 144 patients who were not vaccinated had almost identical rates of confirmed flu and flu-like illness.”

Despite the study’s results, lead Author, Elisabeth Andderson, M.D., still recommended the annual flu shot for patients with acute leukemia undergoing treatment.

Hand washing and the process of “cocooning” by vaccinating individuals in close contact with patients were also recommended in the article. The latter of which is alarming considering the fact that vaccinated individuals with reduced symptoms can potentially pose a risk by unknowingly transmitting the flu.


Vaccines Are Not “Safe and Effective” for Everyone

On September 23, 2017, Beau Keeter, a Dakota Wesleyan University student, was found dead in his dormitory room after experiencing flu-like symptoms a day earlier.

According to The Daily Republic’s article, the 19-year old student died of bacterial meningitis despite being vaccinated prior to attending college.

The article further stated that the student’s father, Jim Keeter, “wanted to raise awareness that his son was vaccinated and that the meningococcal vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective. Keeter said many people assumed his son wasn’t vaccinated.” But as evidence shows, vaccines are not “safe and effective” for everyone.


Do Hospitals Use “Carte Blanche” Policies if They Fire a Worker for Declining Flu Shot?

On July, 2017, Dr. Sherman Alter admitted that he convinced five pregnant nurses to receive the influenza shot by also dismissing their obstetrician’s recommendations against the vaccine, which has never undergone safety trials during pregnancy. He said the hospital fired two other employees who still would not get the shot.

In his testimony opposing Ohio House Bill 193, Dr. Alter further revealed his carte blanche policy by stating that he terminated two employees who declined the influenza vaccine.

It is due to these sorts of draconian actions that OAMF vehemently supports employee’s right to freely accept or decline influenza vaccination, including their right to religious freedom in determining all medical procedures they want to have under Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, and their right to informed consent as provided for in the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

Besides contacting legislators, please help us “Stamp Out Ignorance” by clicking on the following link https://ohioamf.org/donate/ to support OAMF’s efforts in safeguarding medical freedom and informed consent.

Thanks for your advocacy and support!

Dr. Alter describes how he convinced 5 pregnant workers to get a flu shot against their own and their OBs’ wishes. He goes on to talk about the two employees he had to fire because they still would not get the vaccine.

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