Defending your family from Evil Ivy + Bully Bean

Defending your family from Evil Ivy + Bully Bean

The Ohio legislature will soon be voting on Ohio House Bill 165, a bill that will overhaul health education standards, by revising the health curriculum and teach individual responsibility for health decisions beginning as early as pre-school. It would mean grooming your little ones to opt for those medical interventions taught at school, encouraging them to act completely independent from their parents, all while granting them access to state promoted “products and services.”

This type of legislation follows in the footsteps of a global World Health Organization (WHO) campaign (e.g. as illustrated by the Ivy+Bean books) to turn those that you care for into mindless drones, always there to remind you that you should be taking them to get their shots and make sure they take their friends to get theirs too. That’s after all; “All in a day’s work.”

This book has no shame in showcasing the “necessity” to sometimes remove the children from their parents to accomplish that all important task at hand. Think the state won’t? Think again. Those knocks on the door will come folks!

Just remember how this summer Hassidic Jews in New York are being targeted by the measles police. As an article from New York Daily News demonstrates:
“The Williamsburg mom, identified only as Jane Doe, told administrative hearing officer that she was stunned when her daughter answered the door around 10 PM to find the uniformed law enforcement agents serving a $1,000 city Health Department of Health summons.” And: “My kids were all terrified, you’d think that I’d have committed the worst crime. It’s ridiculous that you have sheriffs knocking on your door in the middle of the night.”

Measles’ deaths in the United States have become excessively rare, less than one case per year, by the CDC’s own average. What they won’t tell you is that there hasn’t been one verifiable Measles death in the US in well over a decade.

However, the continued spreading of fear knows no bounds. Our medical freedoms are being sacrificed left and right and the media loves a good infectious disease story, because the advent of the 24-hour news channels would simply implode if, God forbid, there was no news. Ivy+Bean do their part as is shown by another page in their book.

The agenda is clear. The introduction of Ohio House Bill 165, vaccine-mandates in budget bill Ohio House Bill 166, the recent Ohio Senate proposal of legislation to remove exemption rights, and global World Health Organization initiatives all aimed at turning our children into weapons of pharmaceutical compliance with a result of cradle-to-grave medical dependency.

This is what the paid pharma-shills pushing pro-mandate legislation have been selected by the WHO to endorse. Widespread distribution of commercial literature such as this coloring book meant to indoctrinate our children with this new era dogma. This dogma won’t be based on scientific fact, but fear and narcissism and will be reinforced the medical education given at school, instilling the children with a moral imperative to press their peers and family members into state compliance.

Moreover, medical practices nationwide are posting signs that children are required to meet independently with their physicians as the pharma-sponsored vaccine-mandates follow swiftly behind the pharma-sponsored state education aimed at grooming children as young as six. These groups are now well on their way to infiltrate our schools and our state capitol to ensue the enactment of the world’s most successful and well-financed marketing campaign with a goal of nearly 7 billion customers within the next decade, ensuring Evil Ivy + Bully Bean will do their part.

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