Understanding the Threat of Medical “Science” and Defending our Freedom in the process

Understanding the Threat of Medical “Science” and Defending our Freedom in the process

In response to Rick Rouan’s Editorial “Even as measles makes comeback, vaccine conspiracy theories thrive“, published in the Columbus Dispatch, on July 3, 2019 an OAMF Member submitted to the Columbus Dispatch an excerpt of the following editorial response:

I would like to make the point that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s work in promoting child-safety is a natural result of his respected work as an environmental activist. And not just any environmental activism, his biggest efforts have always centered on what we put in our bodies; such as clean water. An effort that in my opinion needs all the support it can get (USA is well outside of the top 20 in the western world). And so, beyond this, he has taken a closer look at what else we put in our most vulnerable children’s bodies. Vaccines. And at an alarmingly increasing rate, from 16 back in the 80’s to over 75 in the next few years.

To that end, RFK Jr. and concerned parents all over the country have been looking for credible research to understand the “science”.

The notion that the measles outbreaks are back because of unvaccinated children is absolutely absurd. To that end I would love to hear the Columbus Dispatch give us some conclusive evidence to substantiate this. An increase in living standards and sanitation is a better explanation of why many of the diseases of the past 60 years were already well on their way out even before the vaccine hit the market.

The fact of the matter is, the pharmaceutical companies are not making a single dollar off unvaccinated families and so they are an easy target to try to snuff out. Convince the masses that these families are “persona non-grata”, take away their freedoms and help your bottom line in the process. It’s been a tried and true recipe for success in several states as people are more than willing to give up their freedoms to ward of a childhood disease that simply chains you to your bed for 4 days.

Several bills have been recently introduced to the Ohio legislature which could positively, or negatively, affect your freedom in Ohio:

Ohio House Bill 268

This bill ensures medical freedom and equal opportunities for all health care workers in Ohio. Many skilled employees are being driven out of their professions, because of vaccine mandates in their workplace. These were introduced as a result of recommendations from Healthy People 2020 committee at the federal level, tying them to Medicare reimbursements for hospitals. In other words, “Vaccinate your employees or else forget about those Medicare payments.”

This is not about public safety. There are organizations like the Ohio Nurses Association, who have bargained to have reasons of conscience, religious, or medical exemptions for themselves; while their colleagues, who are not union-members, are getting fired, being denied higher-tier medical insurance or merit increases, or completely denied employment. It is unethical for our legislators to continue to allow employers to force a product on their employees that is acknowledged by the federal government to have the ability to cause vaccine injury as well as death, as represented by the over $4 BILLION paid out in national vaccine injury compensation to date.

Ohio House Bill 132

This bill was introduced to ensure transparency of the current laws governing our school districts. Under current law families who decide to opt out of vaccinations have that right. And the law provides them with 3 available exemptions. Many schools state on their forms simply that the vaccines are mandatory and provide no other options to parents. This, however, is purposefully misleading and a scare tactic. The law is clear, and this bill forces the districts to list the exemptions available.

Ohio House Bill 166 Section 3313.671 Part F

This amendment would allow non-public charter schools to deny parents exercising their rights to vaccine exemptions. These schools, however, receive signification taxpayer funding through grants and government assistance programs affectively making them not much fundamentally different than a public school. This amendment was slipped into the budget in the Senate Finance Committee and virtually gives these schools a free pass to discriminate against parents with religious convictions and will severely restrict the education choices for thousands of taxpaying Ohio parents.

This was a sneaky last-minute maneuver made in an attempt to skirt the proper legislative process, and deny these parents their right to a public testimony. This amendment is discriminatory and must be struck from the budget bill.

Image by: Willjay. Columbus Dispatch Newspaper building, Columbus, Ohio, 2008. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.